Agata Janicka

Agnieszka Kowalska – Slides
In Slides she try to keep memories, time, places which created her during last years. Orphanage interact with her very strongly. In white-painted studio, arranged in a room she’ll paint watercolours.

Agnieszka Krupienczyk
“..the question, „How can I be of service?” is misleading. The proposals pushed forward by the shop „marketeers” offer an identity through up by someone else. Tell us who you want to be, and we will make it happen, they tempt, leasing traps of goods on the shelves for passers-by who fall straight into them, believing that the choice was theirs to make. The industry of consumption seems suspiciously obliging, making goods into new symbols of identity. This is the strategy used by the seducer, who in order to archieve his goal, becomes a mirror, ironically reflecting our desires (to use the words of Baudrillard). The irony of this reflection lies In the fact that it Has been discreetly changed, according to the will of seducer…”

Andrzej Janczewski

Bartosz Nowak – Antimachine
Antimachine is free – doesn’t serve neither systems nor people. As early as in the moment of its creation is outside of the system, it crossed all boundaries, establishments, habits and laws.
It consists of the elements stolen from the world of limits and disinformation. Freed and connected are boundless and open for data’s flow.

Antimachine is hyper information.

Antimachine is indestructible, because it is an idea. All of its physical and observable manifestation is only a crust. Antimachine is already further and race with the speed of the photon.

Beata Stanek, Sebastian Nowicki – M1
M1 – is a collective project of Beata Stanek and Sebastian Nowicki. It is a try of making exhibition in unussual way. Situation will be more intimate, domestic to cross typical form of opening.

Daniel Adamski

Daniel Weiss
Daniel Weiss, born 1975, is a German Berlin-based sound-artist. He studied physics and music-theory and since 2000 he builds his own Noise-instruments to play and perform. In the last years he did different projects with different material designers and released for example sounding chairs and sounding drawings. At the moment he is working on a multitouch-surface and performs it as a light sequencer for solar-based sound generating.

The Installation found in Gorzow is a little sound Installation where old electronic crap becomes a second life. The old circuits are now oscillating in audible frequencies. The sound is specific from the area where the stuff is from; different countries different shapes and colors of noise.

Dawid Szafranski

Dominika Olszowy

Dr Nexus – Opus I
A composition for 8 speakers and a room. This work includes sound material from: vinyl terror & -horror, fake mistress, paul m. waschkau,
Voice: fake mistress, paul m. waschkau.
Lyrics: fake mistress, antonin artaud.

Hubert Winnik – I hate you Poland
A piece is a personal and ironic commentary which derives from the observation of the surrounding reality both political and mental of the polish people… the title of the work – I hate you Poland – comes from the text of Miedzyrzecz punk band form the 80’s – SVOBODA… and is a proof of very specific mental determinism which we Polish are very subjected to.

Studied chemistry, philosophy, mineralogy etc at the Justus-Liebig- University of Giessen, Germmany then more and more turned towards arts using scientifically influenced thinking to investigate formation of structure from noise & order, from error & law and feedback as his main artistic themes. Grys is working with videosnow, electronics, computers, body & brain. Performs with noisiV (self-made electronics and video manipulations), TOB (transmitters and self-made electronics) Since 2004. Grys makes electronic installations & international workshops since 2004. Lives in Berlin.

Katarzyna Szeszycka

Kevin Tuohy – The Triumph of Art over Capitalism
This project is an experimental ‘Creative Economy’, exploring the price of time, labour, artistic training, market confidence, the producer, and the consumer.
A temporary factory shop will be installed in the Former Orphanage, and I will employ workers to assist in the production and sales of merchandise with the slogan “The Triumph of Art over Capitalism”, made to order, and available in English, Polish, German. We will draw this slogan on any item you bring in – shoes, bags, cups, boxes, tshirts – and you can buy t-shirts, posters, and cards in the factory. Proceeds will be divided between basic costs and commision to the workers, with any surplus re-invested. The workers will be involved in negotiating the final price with customers, and the customers will be able to see all financial details and production processes.
What is the value of Art? Not the cost or the price, the VALUE. Growing your own food, raising a family, enjoying Nature – these are impossible to put an economic value on, so are they worthless or priceless? I am interested in the relationship between Art and Capitalism – sometimes symbiotic, sometimes parisitic, but maybe best when it is independent, or at least aware of it’s situation.
For too long Art has been subservient to the whims of Capitalism, now we will turn Capitalism itself into Art!
So join the revolution! Buy Art to defeat Capitalism!

kev_01bart kev_02bart kev_03sha photo Tomasz Madajczak kev_05sha

photo Tomasz Madajczak kev_07p kev_08bart kev_09sha kev_10kev

Krzysztof Matuszak, Mateusz Puchalski

mat_01bart mat_02p

MISIETUPODOBA (Ewa Bone, Ewa Kozubal, Pawel Zimmermann)

misie_01bart misie_02p misie_03p misie_04bart

photo Tomasz Madajczak photo Tomasz Madajczak photo Tomasz Madajczak photo Tomasz Madajczak

Peggy Sylopp – SPECTRUM, An immersive, ultra minimal light sound installation
The acoustical concept of the Installation “SPECTRUM” ist based on the duality of major and minor in the relative key of a sole string-tenuto four-note chord. The ambiguous auditive perception, achieved by a certain inversion of the extended three-note chord, is intensified by the abondonment of melody and rythm. The timbre and perception are influenced by the acoustical properties of the space and the amplification system. The position of the recipients in space or of his/her mood affect the perception additionally.
A quasi synesthesian relation exists between the sound and the colors of the projection.
The circular brightness gradient leaves the conture undefined, the colors are continuously changing. The projektion as the only illuminant and orientation point modifies the perception of the space, and causes because of the persistense of the vision autokinetic effects with complementary colors.

In the framework of our nomination for the German Sound Art Price the Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl presented the sound light installation “SPECTRUM”:
31th August to 26th October 2008: Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl, Deutscher Klangkunstpreis Marl
29th October to 2th November 2008: SoundART COLOGNE 2008
Academy of Fine Arts in ?ód?, 2009
Traumzeit-festival, Duisburg, actual

photo Tomasz Madajczak photo Tomasz Madajczak photo Tomasz Madajczak photo Tomasz Madajczak

Sara Baume
Sara Baume makes work that is magnificently at home in a former orphanage. All of her sculptures and drawings are indulgently colourful, shiny and playful. The multiple pictures of small mammals, birds and insects have been collected by the artist over the past couple of years, during periods that she has spent living with her parents, in the countryside, back in the house and village where she grew up. The tiny creature figurines, whittled from soft pine, are distinctly reminiscent of farm-animal toys. The fabric flags have been cut from a wardrobe full of the artist’s outgrown and abandoned clothing, then assembled to imitate the strings of triangular flags traditionally used to decorate Irish towns and villages for festivals and celebrations. Despite the childishly cheery façade, the artist’s work is always underlined by a suggestion of darkness and a tone of melancholy. The delicacy of the wooden creatures is distinctly at odds with the recklessness of childhood play. The flags are not gaily suspended as they should be, but drooping forlornly into a heap on the floor. And the pictures, despite their vibrancy, depict creatures that are stiff or slumped and mortally wounded, in various stages of death or dying.

sara_01sha photo Tomasz Madajczak photo Tomasz Madajczak sara_05sha photo Tomasz Madajczak sara_07sha

sara_08p sara_10sha sara_11sha photo Tomasz Madajczak

Séamus O’Donnell – Infinite Loop Surveillance

photo Tomasz Madajczak photo Tomasz Madajczak se_03ada

Sharon McCarthy – A site responsive Paintscape
My principal interest is in the materiality of paint and the painting process, and developing this through using a simple technique of pouring paint. The dripping/pouring of paint is an action that restricts the control of the artist while allowing the material to follow its own natural properties, making me into an observer of the paint and the process.
I am continuing to test how paint can stand on its own both physically and conceptually, investigate the balance of chaos and control in the painting process, and questioning the boxes that surround different disciplines/perceptions.

For Gorzow I am planning to create a large paint pour that runs the length of a room reminiscent of a landscape but in actually fact is a paint-scape. It will be added to for the week that this exhibition runs.

Stephanie Hough – The Show Must Go On
Through the pieces of music, the first being a rendition of a Queen song with a short encore at the end, this video piece exposes Stephanie Hough’s insecurities of being an artist, so in this way the piece becomes autobiographical. For Hough, looking toward the self becomes a means to explore the world in which we occupy and the effects popular culture has on our identities.
This piece is also linked to research which Hough has been conducting into the phenomena of ‘YouTube’. The act of performing a song for a camera within the solitary confines of the domesticated environment has already become a visual cultural cliché thanks to ‘YouTube’, we can begin to see the irony of the situation performing to the solitary camera as if it were a type of confessional to the self but then in turn exposing the intimate situation to rest of the world via the internet or in this case in an exhibition. This act alone tells us a lot about society, and the voracious and all consuming desire to relate to our world. Exposing ourselves in order to communicate, even through egotistical means, an essence of ourselves, which Hough believes in turn exposes an element of truth.
In this video piece the artist performs the song ‘The Show Must Go On’, in doing so highlighting the paradox of being a perfomer or entertainer in the way that performing something is a very intimate act which exposes something of the performer leaving them open and vunerable to the scrutiny of the public gaze, Hough is equating the role of the entertainer to the artist, and the challenges or pressures this duality poses to herself as an individual and artist within a contemporary society which is constantly changing.

Takahiro Suzuki – IKIRO
Takahiro writes the word “IKIRO”, which means, “Be alive”. He has been writing it everyday since 1997, as an art project shown in many places around the world.
This time Takahiro made IKIRO-Project with 100 children.
Takahiro did lectures and workshops at an elementary school.
100 children made IKIRO signs and wrote one original message for future with one word on eco balloon. At the end of this project 100 balloons with 100 childrens messages and IKIROs flyied from the orphanage and disappeared in sky. At the exhibition Takahiro shows documentation of this action and some other works of IKIRO-Project.
In front of the orphanage children decorated a tree using colorful papers with their own word. It’s connection of polish and japanese tradition of decorating trees.

Tomasz Kalitko

Tomasz Madajczak – Metamorphs
It all started when we moved to Ireland four years a go. We changed the place, the society, the eternal life situation -by the birth of our children. Everything got into gradual change. The change was radical, happening through natural proceses which are equal to most human beings yet it was like an entry into another world. After realising how huge the change was, I asked myself again who I am and what is the space that I am immersed in? Having difficulties with finding simple answers I decided to dedicate the installation “Metamorphs” to create a methaphorical situation which could reflect a wider spectrum of the point I have found myself in. Everyday life leaving its signs of changes gave me in this case photographical material (realised on dias). After watching the dias I grouped them in three groups. Each group points to a different stage of change. The change to space in relation to the change happening in my mind. The proposed space is based on three dia projections interactively reacting to the presence of other people who move into the boundry of desribed space. Each entry involves different pictures. There are three loops of simultanious visual symptoms of my perception. They are exploring three months of my life I have dedicated to find an answer or the trace of it , of who and where I am.

In the universe of everyday experiences our attention activates areas that specify our state of consiousness. That which surrounds us influences who/what we are. Finding ourselves in a direct relation, we ourselves have a similiar effect on that which lays within the reach of our influence. All experience takes part in creating the meaning of any ingeration. Something has been given us, some things have been taken away, others are beside us but we have yet not learnt to relate to them. Others are passed over, as we have grown so used to them that they are no longer noticed.
The surrounding universe needs no name to exist.

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