art as experience 2012


30 March – 20 April

the SublimeVerónica Mota and Jon Evans,
Grupa OKOOla Grunholz, Klaudia Jarecka and Olga Ozierańska,
Magda Brambor,

Leszek Knaflewski,
Daniel Koniusz,
Séamus O’Donnell,
Max Psuja,
Theo di Ricco, 
Hubert Wińczyk

6pm – exhibition opening I – Terminal08 Gallery, ul. Grobla 15, Gorzów
7.30pm – exhibition opening II, live shows, performances – ‘Lamus’ Club, ul. Sikorskiego 5, Gorzów

12am – discussion with artists – ‘Lamus’ Club, ul. Sikorskiego 5, Gorzów



‘Art as Experience’* is a series of exhibitions which are the effect of the cooperation between Terminal08 Gallery and Culture Promotion Association ‘Kamienica’ and ‘Lamus’Club.
‘Art as Experience’ is about searching for a new sensitivity. Directness and indefinite experiencing, collecting new feelings and creating conditions needed for the development of sensitivity are becoming the most important values. The person  experiencing – an artist or audience – is a free mind, connected with the world through all senses. Art is trying to use those senses in a free form combination of sight/hearing, hearing/smell etc. For this task those communication artists from Poland and abroad for whom problems connected with experiencing themselves and others as well as body, city and nature are important, have been invited. Some artists are will be selected through an open call.  


 ‘Szum, hałas, cisza’ is the first exhibition organized within the project. The title can be loosely translated as noise (e.g. hum), noise (e.g. bang), silence. In this exhibition participating artists for whom the listening sphere is an important scope of artistic investigation. However, it is not a meeting of musicians. This particular part of the listening sphere being explored (surround sound, non-melodic or rhythmic pieces) is largely ignored by traditional authors. This project is a meeting of two environments focused on exploring sound – Audio-Sphere Studio (prof. Leszek Knaflewski) from the  University of Art in Poznań and the ‘Salon Bruit’ association from Berlin.
Hanns Eisler i Theodor W.Adorno* write about the ear as a passive organ in contrast to the eye which can select elements from its surroundings. The culture industry is using this property of the ear when producing music which we should passively submit to e.g. our feelings obediently following the mood that resulted from the film music (soundtrack). On the other hand there is art which is changing  hearing into the active process – through overstepping the conventions. Stunning and discomforting, using different methods and tools.
Modern culture highlights the visual dimension of reality. We are surrounded by objects-products which we perceive immediately from the surroundings. Image is the base of our existence – whether  we are talking about the company, institution or person e.g. politician, celebrity. Image is discrediting all the other meanings and is becoming the most important one. Among all the senses sight has become overpowering, we have become ‘the seeing people’. Dominant sight enforces its logic, generating an analytic-instrumental way of thinking. Art is heading in the same direction. Artists usually deal with visual arts, the addressing of other senses being much more difficult.
Different parts of the exhibition could manifest themselves in any form of the audio sphere. For some artist sound may be only be an inspiration for a totally visual final effect. A situation could also emerge where the audience will no longer be spectators but rather listeners and the exhibition becomes a broadcast.
*project financed by Gorzów City Council
** Hanns Eisler i Theodor W.Adorno, Politics of Hearing, in: Audio Culture. Readings in Modern Music, Christoph Cox, Daniel Warner, Continuum 2004


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