Michał Jurys – Structures of Sur-vival

Michał Jurys – Structures of Sur-vival

This exhibition is a part of an annual series ‘Art as Experience 2012’ financed by Gorzow City Council and it is an effect of collaboration of Culture Promotion Association ‘Kamienica’, ‘Lamus’ Club and Terminal08.
Galeria czynna w soboty i w niedziele w godz. 12-18
w pozostałe dni rezerwacje telefoniczne – 785-919-177 lub email: bart@terminal08.org

The exhibition “Structures of sur–vival” presents the latest cycle of
works by Michał Jurys (1978). Objects made out of paper, drawings,
projections / video installations, photographs and light figures
combined together create an intriguing space of experience, an
invitation to “playful undergo” The confrontation with a white
clean space, the semi-familiar shapes and the experience of materials
invites you to build a personal relationship between memory and the

My work relates to our common ways of remembering. I like to think of
memory in terms of geography. In every life we would find continents,
islands, deserts, swamps, overpopulated territories and terrae
incognitae. We could draw the map of such a memory and extract
images from it with greater ease (and truthfulness) than from tales
and legends.1 The works in this exhibition are independent from each
other, however as parts of one entity are interrelated. In this way a
place is created for contemplation, experiencing, being …

“I discern the breath of lilies from violets, though smelling nothing;
and I prefer honey to sweet wine, smooth before rugged, at the time
neither tasting nor handling, but remembering only.
These things I do within, in that vast court of my memory.”

Saint Augustin Confessions Book X



exhibition supported by Gorzów City Council

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