Monika Łuczak Maria Ines Gul 10.08-10.09.2012


Monika Łuczak Maria Ines Gul 10.08-10.09.2012

Monika Łuczak is a photography lover, always carrying a camera. She is fascinated with classical and experimental photography, but prefers optical-chemical. She makes portraits and staging photos preferably. She loves watching people and their behaviours. In October she starts photography studies in PWSFTiT in Łódź.

María Inés Gul is a student of Art University in Poznań. Award winner of International Comic Book for Children and Youth Competition “ABECEDEX” during Ligatura Festival. Participator of exhibitions: ‘Wawel Legends’ in the Royal Castle in Krakow and ‘Good Designed Book. Let start from Children’ in ‘Rondo Sztuki’ Gallery in Katowice. Graduate of Tomek Sadurski fashion drawing course. She used to have her own fashion page in Exklusiv magazine. She cooperated with New York Writers Association and magazines: Art and Fashion Magazine, KMAG, BACHOR, POP MAG, Zwykłe Życie, Piana. She Works for Tavi Gevinson as ilustrator in ROOKIE MAG. María collects childrens books and dreams.
exhibition supported by Gorzów City Council

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