Jo FRGMNT Grys i Philip Morris 19.10-04.11.2012

Jo FRGMNT Grys i Philip Morris 19.10-04.11.2012

art as experience 2012




Studied chemistry, philosophy, mineralogy etc at the Justus-Liebig- University of Giessen, Germmany then more and more turned towards arts using scientifically influenced thinking to investigate formation of structure from noise & order, from error & law and feedback as his main artistic themes. Grys is working with videosnow, electronics, computers, body & brain. Performs as frgmnt (self-made electronics and video manipulations), TOB (transmitters and self-made electronics). Grys makes electronic installations & gives international workshops since 2004. Lives in Berlin.

BiPolar v3
Shown will be a d mechanotronische installation producing graphics & sound, a drafting machine which sings. Jo F. Grys built it.

Philip Morris
Works mostly with mechanically generated acoustic sound. Originally from Ireland, he has been based in Berlin for the past six years, performing, creating installations and curating non-conformist sound events.

Strung Room
is a sound installation. It is an immersive instrument. In it, long strings spanning the entire space are excited by rotating pieces of fabric. The rich sounds produced are tuned to produce the room modes, frequencies whose wavelengths correspond to the dimensions of the room. These accentuate the harmonic characteristics and alter their texture.

exhibition supported by Gorzów City Council

Terminal08 Gallery,
Grobla 15,
66-400 Gorzów,

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