Marek Rogulski – Koprolity sztuki? 16.03-21.04.2013

Marek Rogulski – Koprolity sztuki? 16.03-21.04.2013







Culture Promotion Association ‘Kamienica’, ‘Lamus’ Creative Thought Club and Terminal08 Gallery invite you to the opening of the exhibition which is part of an annual series ‘Art as Transgession’. Event organised in cooperation with City Muzeum in Gorzów and OSiR Gorzów.
Froject supported by Gorzów City Council.



16 marca, sobota
17.30 – otwarcie wystawy I – Galeria Terminal08, ul. Grobla 15
19.00 – koncert, wystawa II – InfoGlob, Rondo św. Jerzego
– Rogulus i Michał Gos (Gdańsk)
– Błażej Król aka Bangeliz (Gorzów)


Po koncercie wystawę II można było oglądać w Muzeum ‘Spichlerz’, ul. Fabryczna 1-3.
Galeria Terminal08 czynna jest w soboty i niedziele w godz. 12-18, w pozostałe dni rezerwacje lub 788 365 737 – wstęp wolny.

Spichlerz – godziny otwarcia:
poniedziałek – zamknięte
wtorek 9.00-16.00 (wstęp wolny)
środa 9.00-16.00
czwartek 9.00-16.00
piątek 11.00-19.00
sobota – 10.00-17.00
niedziela 10.00-17.00fot: Marek Rogulski. Architektura Muzeum… Architektura Historii. performance 2012. fot. Frankowski


MarekRogulski is an intermedia artist, performer, musician and art theorist.

In his works he tries to work out a new perception perspective of postmodernism. Through questioning how a new wider perspective could look he points out the possibility of connection of different aspects in postmodernism. He is an author of many theoretical texts, in which he states a creation of a new world-view.

Important strand in his activity is a problem of mind transformation and developing of cosmocentric perspective for artistic activity interpretation.

Exhibition in Gorzów refers to a consideration of possibilities of mind transformation trough an art activity. According to author in this context artworks are only the ‘coprolites of art’ – dead fossils which could be a reference to creating a wider perspective.

In Terminal08 gallery the chosen works from the last years will be displayed i.a. short movies, objects and performance documentation. Additionally in InfoGlob space will be presented a temporary installation and an audio performance based on free improvisation played by Michał Gos and Rogulus. After the gig this installation will be presented in the ‘Spichlerz’ Museum.

In the InfoGlob will also perform Błażej Król/Bangeliz.
Bangeliz is one of music incarnation of a musician and producer Błażej Król (UL/KR) – stream of consciousness, outpouring of musical feelings kept in a drawer or hard drive alcoves… :It is not a music to listen, this is a soundtrack which disturb to watch the movie. Using a few programmes Błażej generates live sound collages. Connection of field recordings with pop ballads, ambient with rumbling/spluttering techno. 30 minutes live act will be a variation about a ‘beauty’ of the venue – InfoGlob.

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