Artur Malewski Back to Menu 22.06-21.07.2013

Artur Malewski Back to Menu 22.06-21.07.2013

art as transgression 2013




Culture Promotion Association ‘Kamienica’, ‘Lamus’ Art Space and Terminal08 Gallery invite you to the opening of the exhibition which is part of an annual series ‘Art as Transgession’.

Project supported by Gorzów City Council and Lubuskie County Council.

Artur Malewski was born in Tomaszów Mazowiecki in 1975. He studied in Art Academy in Łódź 1996-2002. Lives and works in Łódź. Lecturer in Art Academy in Szczecin.

Artur Malewski makes sculptures, installations, videos and performance. His art is full of absurd and black humour, inspired by daily life and pop culture, especially by motives associatet with horror movie estetics but also coming from cultural imagination adequate to all comminities. In his works he sistematically engages subject of anthropological-cultural relationship between a human and an animal. He traces and invigilates problem of people’s blured relationship with nature attempting to face and announce ambivalent peolples-animals bond – full of tension and contradictions. Transgressing what is human to animalistic he discovers also animalistic elements in human beings but also what is human in animals.
Chracters appearing in his realisations often have dualistic identity not fitting in borders of one species. They are repellent, putting off and at the same time fascinating, paralasing viewers eye.


Antropophagy (greek – anthropos – human, phagein – devour), otherwise cannibalism. The consumption of human body is the most guarded taboo. And the fact that during almost whole our existence we were eaten by non-human is one of the biggest traumas encoded in human subconscious. According to William Arens “the western world was and is still projecting its own myths about foreign cultures in which others are cannibalists.”

By this the West was confirming its own primacy and the necessity od civilising “the wild, uncivilised people”. Cannibals are always foreing – so those who don’t deseve to be human. The existance of antrophology depends on the existance of “the wild”, cannibal. Anthropologist and antropophagist deserve for the same attention. Anthropologists eat the wild, barbarians, the objects of researches and as a result they gain energy and use it to understand themselves and consolidate their position in the world. Defining others as cannibals automatically expel them from the territory of culture. The fact that human don’t eat human classify others as animals.
Galeria Terminal08 czynna w soboty i niedziele w godz. 12-18, w pozostałe dni rezerwacje telefoniczne 788-365-737 lub email:

Terminal08 Gallery,
Grobla 15,
66-400 Gorzów,

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