Pawel Polus E clipse 19.10-10.11.2013

Pawel Polus E clipse 19.10-10.11.2013

art as transgression 2013




Culture Promotion Association ‘Kamienica’, ‘Lamus’ Art Space and Terminal08 Gallery invite you to the opening of two exhibitions which is part of an annual series ‘Art as Transgession’.

Project supported by Gorzów City Council and Lubuskie County Council.

The idea which was accompanying me during the works’ preparation for the E lipse exhibition comes from the reflection over the words and the mechanism of building meanings. I am interested in how they form our sensitivity, imagination or the world view and how they are formed by them.
To express myself more literally – my intention was to unite the word, the picture and their meanings with the suitable visual (graphic) form.
During the project I was looking for the common denominator for the words ’ellipse’ and ‘eclipse’. I used them in English because to find similarity between polish words (elipsa / zaćmienie) wasn’t the goal I assigned myself to.
In the meaning’s context of the chosen words I thought about their etymology and metaphoric.
In my private understanding the word eclipse is connected with the exchange of the objects (phenomenon, ideas) into their oppositions.
When taking under consideration the primary Greek meaning of the concept of ellipse, it refers to the absence (blank). In this case I noticed its mathematic affiliation but also this adapted by, among others, literary theories (e.g. ellipse technique – abbreviation that was used by e.g. Samuel Beckett).
The photographs are the attempt of connecting those two ideas. For them I choose the examples of pictures that determinate our understanding of spatiality (opened and closed space). Those are the pictures of the sky by night and during the day and the wall from the inside and the outside. I have cut from each of them the forms of the ellipses (from the smallest to the largest) and I exchanged the ‘content’ of the pictures between them. What is important for me it’s objectiveness of the emerged works. Despite being flat photographs they aspire to spatiality, keeping both the abstract and mimetic character.
During the exhibition I presented three separate works which I connected into a harmonious whole. All of them were created this year and motivated by the same idea, that’s why I can emphasize that the processual continuation was kept between them. They can be distinguish by the titles which dissimilarity lies in one letter: Eclipse, E lipse, Ellipse.

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