Terminal08 gallery and Municipal Art Centre / Lamus invites to:

art teritories 2014 | beyond the visible 2015

– ‘Art teritories 2014’ book launch
– ‘Diving in waves’ by Marek Sitko – lecture

29th January, 6pm
Municipal Art Centre / Lamus
ul. Sikorskiego 5


Meeting in Lamus will have transitional character – it will be a summary of the last year’s ‘Art teritories’ series and the opening of a new year project

‘Beyond the visible’.

‘Art teritories’ was an attempt to investigate art and arists interests in Deleuzian spirit – art as act of deteritorialisation – as transgression of

culture. Teritory is here a synonym of the system.

‘Beyond the visible’ is based on exploration of those areas of reality which are not directly accessible through sensual experience but with ‘new tools’

(technical, theoretical, philosophical) we are able to examine and ‘watch’ – for instance through models, graphs, metaphores…
This project rejects Cartesian thinking model where ‘external’ is reserved exclusively for religion.
But ‘externality’ will be examined in immanent way – without having recourse to empanel any transcendency – refering to noology created by Gilles Deleuze

(trailing transcendency science).

Marek Sitko’s lecture ‘Diving in waves’ will be an introduction to the whole year project – presentation of wave types and wave theory using interesting and

accessible samples. There will be presented waves which we can see or hear but also others that surround us but we are not able to experience them directly.

Project grant aided by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland

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