Maciej Sarna – Mutual dreams – 15.11-7.12.2014


Maciej Sarna – Mutual dreams – 15.11-7.12.2014




exhibition opening
15 listopada (sobota), godz. 18.00

Galeria Terminal08
ul. Grobla 15

wystawa czynna do 7 grudnia

Project grant aided by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland.


Mutual dreams

What happens when dreams talk to each other? My dream is talking to me but is it also talking to your dream? Maybe this what I am dreaming about is not intended for me; maybe it is an overheard conversation between my dream and your dream?
Dreams might interchange, they could have common threads. I would like to see those dreams in space, experience them. And it is not about staging of a dreamy vision or the history which is the dream’s content. I would like to see the dream ‘on the job’, how it’s sweeping shavings away, how it’s bending over something, thinking about something, how it’s making itself tea.
Dream is someone living in the same space as me but in other time. Next to, in this other time, is a dream of person who is close to me. The dream of this person is also close to me, because the bed is not really so big. The bed is not a continent; the bed is a drawer for two people.
Work in Terminal08 Gallery will be an improvisation in the space. I treat it more as a drawing than installation or a sculpture because I care about the directness of the record. I will be working in the space of gallery in the same way how the drawings in the sketchbook are made – reacting to space and taking into account what have already come into existence – without an accurate plan.


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