KINGA DALSKA – POLANA 17.04-24.05.2015


KINGA DALSKA – POLANA 17.04-24.05.2015

Stowarzyszenie Promocji Kultury Kamienica i galeria Terminal08 zapraszają:

Kinga Dalska


otwarcie wystawy
17 kwietnia, piątek, godz. 18:00

galeria Terminal08
ul. Grobla 15
Gorzów Wlkp.

wystawa czynna do 24 maja
zwiedzanie po 17 kwietnia – kontakt 788 365 737
wystawa realizowana w ramach projektu “Poza widzialnym”
dofinansowanego z budżetu miasta Gorzowa


Kinga Dalska studies on the forth year in Art Academy in Szczecin. ‘Glade’ exhibition will contain a series of objects and video work.

Glade is significantly meaningful area in a forest. It’s an open space where all the wild creatures meet. It’s also a space where often happened some rituals. Often right there animals build their earths and nests.
According to Clarissa Pinkola Estés words, if we want to reconcile with our wild nature we should learn how to understand stories from inside, like we were inside them not as they were happening outside of us.
Ancient people claimed that aural nerve in brain divides into three branches. They deduced that ear can hear on three different levels. First branch was to hear telluric, common talks. Second one was sensitive to science and art then thanks to the third one soul could hear sound of absolute – cautions and hints.

Exhibition is a part of an annual project ‘Beyond the visible’ supported by Gorzow City Council.

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