Terminal08 Gallery,
Grobla 15,
66-400 Gorzów,

galeria jest otwarta w soboty i niedziele w godz. 12-18,
w pozostałe dni rezerwacje mailowe: bart@terminal08.org
lub telefonicznie 788 365 737

gallery is open on Saturdays and Sundays form 12 to 18
or by appointment – bart@terminal08.org
tel. 0048 788 365 737

An airport terminal is a building at an airport where passengers transfer between ground transportation and the facilities that allow them to board and disembark from airplanes…
In electronics a terminal is the point at which a conductor from an electrical component, device or network comes to an end and provides a point of connection to external circuits…
In the context of telecommunications, a terminal is a device which is capable of communicating over a line. Examples of terminals are telephones, fax machines, and network devices – printers, work stations, routers in a VoIP network (all quotes from Wikipedia)… Terminal08 is a transfer of this notion to an art.

Terminal08 is non-profit, independent organisation that focuses on supporting and organising creative, experimental, intercultural art exhibitions. Connects properties of artistic platform, nomadic gallery, research project and on-line artists network.

Terminal08 aims to encourage the mobility of artists and their work throughout Europe, and to create a network for artistic exchange and collaborations.
International character leads to a greater appreciation of diversity and the complexity of identities.
By using unconventional venues works to develop new audiences for contemporary art and to stimulate new approaches to artistic production and exhibition, redefining the relationships between society, its artists and their works.

Terminal08 invites artists, theorists and curators to experimental synergy.

As online environment Terminal08 provides each participant opportunity to edit own profile and publish articles connected with own activity.

Categories at the website:

ARTISTS – source of information about paricipants. Each artists can edit own page.
ARTNET – information about galleries, art organisations, websites.
ARCHIVE – events organised by Terminal08
AROUND – information about participants initiatives
OPPORTUNITIES – open submissions and other invitations

Curator: Bartosz Nowak – bart@terminal08.org
Webdesign: Grzegorz Wegorzewski – info@digital-legend.com


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