Soma II


Laila Evensen, Michał Jurys, Monika Łuczak, Judith van der Made, Irene Murphy, Bartosz Nowak, Dorian de Rijk, Mick O’Shea, Natalia Szostak, Katarzyna Szugajew

project supported by Gorzów City Council and Lubuskie County Council (Marszałek Województwa Lubuskiego).
Projekt finansowany z budżetu Miasta Gorzowa i Marszałka Województwa Lubuskiego


Artistic collaborative process open for visitors
Saturday 7 Sep – Tuesday 10 Sep, every day 12h – 20h.
Studio M, Postjesweg 124, 2 Floor, Amsterdam

Coming days I am hosting an art project in West, based on the idea of collaboration. Invited artists will cooperate and together explore the common subject matter of soma* which evolves around notions of freedom, body, coexistence and culture. It will be the first project in my new 500m2 studio. Come and see/ join us, it will be a nice relaxed few days with goo…d people, good art and good drinks and food.

Artists from different disciplines, backgrounds, and cultures around Europe join together in Amsterdam to collaborate on the theme of soma*. The intent is to have a built up of international experiences and exchange of stories and ideas in a non-formal atmosphere leading up to a final work(s) and exhibition. The project will be completely open throughout the weekend for visits from interested people to meet&talk or participate and see the art evolving and the artists collaborating. It is not just a come and see the final work, but also the process and growth, just as the body and mind are in continual growth and transition. For more information on the up to date program and schedule of workshops, visit the blog:

Opening Saturday 7 Sep, 19h – 23h
Studio M13, Postjesweg 124, 2 Floor, Amsterdam
An evening of performances, workshops and spontaneous collaborations, with drinks in a free and open atmosphere.

Monday 9 Sep, 13:00h – 16h
Authentic Movement workshop
Read more on the workshop on the blog.

Closing Tuesday 11 Sep, 20h – till late
Studio M13, Postjesweg 124, 2 Floor, Amsterdam
The culmination of the weekends collaboration will be a performance and exhibition with drinks on Tuesday evening, a final extravaganza you might say.

*Soma is a term proposed by Richard Shusterman to describe ‘mind’ belonging to ‘body’, being one, as distinct from dichotomy of a ‘body’ and a ‘mind’ or negative associations of ‘flesh’. From this perspective the indissolubility of body and mind creates all experiences, including philosophical interpretation, which occurs ‘through’ the body. Thus development of body awareness becomes a starting point and an essential element of any critical consideration. .

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